Reiki I

About 3 month ago, I had my Reiki I attunement, and all I can say about that is…

My wife has an aunt who is a Shaman/Spiritual Teacher/Reiki Master Healer and a ton of other stuff, and she has been guiding me and teaching me and was able to do my attunement.  Part of getting attuned is practicing reiki healing on yourself for a few days/weeks/months, and seeing how the movement of the energy helps clear all of the blockages, because blockages usually equate to all types of craziness in your life.  It’s been really strange neat!

So energy work, right?  Weird shit!  If I’m being honest, up until last year I would have called this all, “Hocus Pocus Dopey Hippie Shit” (official categorization, in case you were wondering) , but since I’ve started this work, CLEARLY, I’ve had a change of perspective.  Healing hands aren’t so far fetched any more, especially since I have seen with my own eyes and experienced in person how people are healed just by laying hands on them.  Technically, I’m not supposed to heal anyone YET (until my second attunement which is scheduled for a month from Saturday! WOO HOO!!!) but my wife’s aunt said it would be okay to heal my kids and such, but NOT my wife, which NOW I understand why.

When you become a Reiki healer, there is this beautiful connection to the Universe, to Source, to the energy around you.  The Reiki Master that attunes you has somehow manipulated YOUR energy and unlocked the “Universal Life Force Energy” within you, and connects you to the energy that flows EVERYWHERE through EVERYTHING in our Universe.  Basically, she connected my energy to the energy of EVERY THING in the my world both visible and not.

I was sitting on the Reiki table (similar to a massage table) and she had me visualize a beautiful, powerful, healing white light coming in through the crown of my head.  She moved her hands around in a rhythmic way, back and forth, up and down, sometimes shaking, sometimes eyes glossed over, not mumbling but moving her lips, and asked me to close my eyes after about 5 minutes of this.  First she put her hands on the top of my head, second she cupped my ears, then covered my eyes with her hands, ask my Higher Power to sort of do their thing (can’t remember exact words, but that’s the gist), and then clapped her hands really loud! Startled me, if I’m being honest!

Next, she asked me to open my eyes and put my hands out in front of me, palms up.  She used her finger to trace some lines and designs (what I now understand are Reiki “keys/symbols” that help heal and unlock) and next thing I know, my hands are buzzing with electricity.  They get burning hot like I have never experienced before.  I’m shown the exact way to begin healing myself, moving the energy from the crown of the head, my throat, shoulders and heart, and continues all the way down to the feet and send the energy into the ground for just that! Grounding!  My hands buzz and tingle like crazy when there is an area that needs a little extra help.  As I start to visualize breathing in white healing light and breathing out white healing light, I start to feel my hands tingle and heat up and it was unlike anything I had ever felt before.

As my hands hovered over the different chakras (energy centers in the spiritual body) I reiki-2.jpgcould feel the energy, physically, in my hands.  I don’t really have the words to describe it, but it’s pretty freaking wild!  AND, as I started practicing more, and developing more, I started to intuitively know what was going on and how to heal it (what color to think of, what was causing the issue).  A lot of people don’t realize how energy and the chakras work.  Just to give the abridged version, let’s take someone who has chronic throat issues like strep, or laryngitis (chronic being the key word here).  I can almost guarantee that their throat chakra is outta whack.  I can also almost guarantee that a)they have a secret they can’t share and probably haven’t been able to for quite some time b)they have an issue with lying or exaggerating or c)they never speak up for themselves although it is likely that they MUST pretty much daily, so like someone in an emotionally abusive relationship. All of that stuff, those thoughts, carry energy.  When that energy is stifled, or is stuck, it doesn’t move creating blockages in the spiritual body, and then end up manifesting in the physical body.  I mean, yeah, if you believe all of that.  But we should, because you know, science and physics and energy and all that.

Needless to say, it has worked for me.  The more and more I practice, the more and more I can clearly hear Spirit tell me what it is that is causing these things.  Even more recently, while at my meditation/healing and Reiki circle group, I’ve been able to pinpoint where people’s ailments are just by focusing on their energy centers.  One person sits in a chair in the middle of the room, all the Reiki healers just sorta sit around them and send them healing and help move some of the stagnated energy.  I’ve seen people come in limping and leave with tears in their eyes at the pain being finally gone.

As for me, I’ve been able to really get down to what is causing some of the “stuckness” in my life right now.  I’ve been able to really “hear” what the chronic things are in my life that I have to let go of in order to stop feeling some of these ailments.  Soooo, I’m working on that.  I’m working on getting myself together.  In healing my spiritual body in order to really get my physical body in order, and hopefully, once I’m done with my Reiki II attunement in a month (learning how to heal others emotionally and not just physically and also learning distance healing [me here in NY, you there wherever you are!]) and I can go away to sunny Mexico for my Master Reiki .  Sure my wife will LOVE that! LOL!

Reiki, you sure are starting to change everything….seriously, everything!

Love & Light,
Sammie ❤




A few months ago, I posted a vision I had about rainy weather in London.  I think I may have gotten it wrong because I was connecting the previous vision on 12/26/16 to this one.  I’m certain, had this happened in the more recent past, I would have been more inclined (and comfortable and less fearful) to talk to the “The Team” and ask more questions like I do now. 

I realized that this was the same scene I witnessed, directly in front of the palace, just as I saw it. The thing that gave it away and made it connect and resonate with me even MORE was the rain.  In my vision, there was a focus on the rain, how it sat on the window of the cab, how it pooled in the gutters on the road, how the taxi tires splashed it up.  It was very specific, and now, it almost feels like they are saying, “The rain would make you see!”…and so it has……

This unfinished, misunderstood prediction has happened….Praying for all of the people of England and the World….

Love and Light,
Sammie ❤

Vision 12/28/2016 – During meditation last night I saw the following which leads me too believe that the previous vision I had are connected.

I was in a black and yellow checkered cab.  It was raining outside.  There were people outside with jackets and hats on holding black umbrellas.  To my left I saw a red telephone booth that gave me the impression that I was in London.  The cab made a right hand turn and in front of me was Buckingham Palace.

My gut tells me these are connected, and the weather and the attire made it feel like it would be this winter.  I’ll continue to ask Spirit for whatever meanings they are trying to give me.  I’m sure I’ll get more info soon…