Best to Start From The Beginning…

I guess that really IS where I need to start, huh? This is all so new to me, and I wasn’t even sure if the words should be put down, mainly for fear of judgement, but also, because the idea of people writing me off because I pray, or I meditate, and ::gasp!:: I connect with my Spirit Guides was really loaded for me. Since “being believed” has been a recurrent theme in my life, I figured this would be one of those kind of things, but the more I talk to people, the more that I am connecting with people, the more that I pray and meditate and change my vibration, the more others, just like me, are coming into my life.
Doctors, lawyers, construction workers, black, white, Latino, Asian, PhD’s and GED’s…all of them, with “gifts”…with things I only heard about on Paranormal shows, or show’s about mediums, those are the type of people I am meeting, and usually, we can recognize each other with a glance, a simple genuine smile. Those are the people that the universe is bringing into my life lately that keep reminding me that this is real, and that I’m not crazy. I’ve had some psych stuff in my life, but nothing that millions of other people haven’t experience and been through before: suicide attempt, in-patient treatment, severe OCD, out-patient treatment, but all of that stuff has made me so self aware of when I start dipping into a cycle of depression, that I absolutely, without a doubt, KNEW that I wasn’t losing it. It was very clear and I was very aware, the first time that I meditated and made contact with my spirit guide, Susan (she’s the main one), Evelyn (she’s a much softer energy), Kyle, and James (I’m still working on connecting to them more). I closed my eyes, focused on the sounds around me and hearing every single one without focusing on a single thing…and then, I said, “if this is real, then, Hello!” and sure as you can imagine, clear as day, I heard, right behind my left hear “We’re here…” and my heart felt like it felt the first time I laid eyes on Callie (my wife), or the first time I heard my son cry a nanosecond after being born, or the way I felt when I delivered our 3rd son, but BIGGER! On a scale like I’ve never felt before, exponentially greater, and they filled my heart like nothing I have ever experienced…

“We’ve always been here….”

“Oh my god!” and I nervous laughed, and they laughed too….

After the inititial shock wore off, “Who’s…WE?”

“Susan, Kyle, James, and Evelyn, lyn, lyn…..”

And all I could do was cry, and thank them…for everything…because friends, I’m Clairaudient, and I have been my entire life….I just didn’t know it….