Predictions and What to do with Them

525904-spiritualityFriends, I don’t typically share people’s blog pages because I think we find what we need when we aren’t really looking.  When all of this “awakening” stuff started happening to me, this gentleman’s page was the one that I was drawn to the entire time.  I believed him because he wrote out his predictions as they came to him, and a few days/weeks/months/ and in this instance years later, they would be proven true.

Eric Leigh Pink (affectionately know by his followers as ELP) is a wonderful psychic.  His connection to Spirit is like WOAH, and the messages that they deliver through him are phenomenal.  He gave me a reading where he told me things about my life and about who I am (or what my soul says I am that I don’t remember from ions ago!), and it has made all the difference.  Literally changed my entire life!

I believe him when he says things are going to happen.  So, when you get a chance, take a look, BELIEVE, and help do your part to alter some of the events that the future holds.  Always remembering that “predictions” are just that: n, a forecast; a statement of what MIGHT or will happen in the future. 

We can alter things. We can pray and meditate and send healing light all over the world and help do our part.  Hope to see you on the side of the LIGHT!

Love and Light,
Sammie ❤


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