A few months ago, I posted a vision I had about rainy weather in London.  I think I may have gotten it wrong because I was connecting the previous vision on 12/26/16 to this one.  I’m certain, had this happened in the more recent past, I would have been more inclined (and comfortable and less fearful) to talk to the “The Team” and ask more questions like I do now. 

I realized that this was the same scene I witnessed, directly in front of the palace, just as I saw it. The thing that gave it away and made it connect and resonate with me even MORE was the rain.  In my vision, there was a focus on the rain, how it sat on the window of the cab, how it pooled in the gutters on the road, how the taxi tires splashed it up.  It was very specific, and now, it almost feels like they are saying, “The rain would make you see!”…and so it has……

This unfinished, misunderstood prediction has happened….Praying for all of the people of England and the World….

Love and Light,
Sammie ❤

Vision 12/28/2016 – During meditation last night I saw the following which leads me too believe that the previous vision I had are connected.

I was in a black and yellow checkered cab.  It was raining outside.  There were people outside with jackets and hats on holding black umbrellas.  To my left I saw a red telephone booth that gave me the impression that I was in London.  The cab made a right hand turn and in front of me was Buckingham Palace.

My gut tells me these are connected, and the weather and the attire made it feel like it would be this winter.  I’ll continue to ask Spirit for whatever meanings they are trying to give me.  I’m sure I’ll get more info soon…


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