So, Talk About Intense!!!




I’ve started this post several times and have found 4 unfinished copies in my “Drafts” folder, and somehow, even now, I’m struggling to get the words down  in “ink”, because there is still this huge fear of judgment or of getting called crazy, but I think I’ve had plenty of validation in the past few weeks to really start talking about some of these things that have been occurring…

The past couple of weeks have been very interesting for me since I’ve been taking care of balancing my chakras, cleansing my aura, and removing blockages.  The past 6 days though?! Insanity!

I’ve been doing a lot of visualizations and listening to a lot of guided meditations in order to balance mainly my throats chakra.  I was super unfamiliar with chakras when I first started on all of this spiritual work, but recognizing that they are LEGIT and  how they function and how making sure that they are functioning properly makes all the difference.  For example, when I was young, I lived in a home where sadness was not something that was expressed.  We didn’t talk about sad feelings, and only happy feelings.  That suppression, the quieting of that tiny voice that just wanted to say, “I feel sad today.  Can I have a hug?”, the constant swallowing of my words, led to an imbalance of my throat chakra.  For as long as I can remember, I have had pretty significant issues with my throat, and usually chronic issues with certain parts of your body, likely relate to some imbalance of the chakra it is associated with.  So, all of that to say, that since I have been clearing and balancing my throat (and all the other ones as well, but LOTS AND LOTS of work and speaking MY truth, and REALLY listening), I have had much more significant experiences. If I want to get technical, last week I went to church for ash Wednesday, and since that day, since the ashes were placed right on my Third Eye (which I thought was strange as it’s usually closer to your hairline), there has been an explosion of images and sounds.

I guess I’ll start by going back a little bit:

TAROT – A few weeks ago, early January, I kept having some pretty interesting dreams.  In IMG_7056my dreams, I kept seeing Tarot Cards everywhere I went. For example, I’d get on the subway, and it would pull into the next station, and I would be looking out the window at the advertisements only to see an image of The Magician as a billboard.  It stated happening pretty frequently, and so much so, that it was absolutely noticeable, so I went to my local Spirituality store, and picked out my tarot cards.  I started by just taking a look at the cards and seeing how they felt to me.  I didn’t realize what was happening or what the process of interpreting them was like for me, until I started reading a card or two for other people.  The colors meant things to me.  The images reminded me of life experiences that I could relate to.  Hats on head started representing knowledge.  Stones on the floor represented unmoving and firm, no sway.  Stars were enlightenment, green meant love.  So many things that didn’t makes sense were strangely making sense!  And I just knew I was accurate.  I knew this was my way of being able to channel Spirit.  But it got crazier!

CRYSTALS – When this first started happening to me, I reached out to a blogger friend who I know is pretty in tune with her spiritual side, and she suggested that I get my hands onIMG_6837 some energy/healing crystals to help ground me and protect me since it felt like I was feeling WAY too much energy at first and it was hella overwhelming.  So, I bought a crystal…and slowly A crystal turned into 20 crystals turned into a 100+ crystals and growing!  But here’s the thing…it’s not just about protection anymore.  It’s almost like, and this is gonna sound crazy as shit for sure, but it’s almost like they tell me where to place them in order to really create an energy field, so to speak.  Like, I see, in my head, where they should be placed.  And the second that I place them where they should go, I get a focus on the next piece and where THAT one should go.  AndIMG_6822 strangely , when they are all in the correct location, they sort of…ummm, sing, err, hum??  I KNOW! So freaking weird!  But also, so freaking true.  And to be completely honest, the mood changes.  I use a lot of Rose Quartz, Malachite, Green Adventurine, and Lemurian Seed Crystals to make “Love” Crystal Grids and it changes the energy and creates a really loving, calm, and kind space.  You can ask anyone that comes into our home, between the Sage, the Sandalwood incense, and the stones, you sit on my couch for 5 minutes, and you’re ready to pass out! It’s been….interesting.

SIGHTS AND SOUNDS – So, during my meditations, I often have these really quick flashing images that I don’t think mean anything, but then later on, I realize that they do.  As a perfect example, I was talking to my wife the other day, and I must have zoned out for a second (Whoopsie! Sorry love!), and suddenly, I’m jarred back by this insane, shrill, ringing in my ears.  So I tell my wife to stop talking for a second (I’m sure you expect that went over FANTASTICALLY!), I sit at the dining room table and I close my eyes and just listen to the thoughts that are streaming into my mind.  Sometimes, it’s crazy stuff like “Rain is coming! Many will be hurt!”, to completely random words of encouragement like, “When the man with the red shirt comes, extend a hand, be kind!”  and then, sure enough, 40 minutes later, a man with a red shirt will come in and ask for something, and I’ll be the one to help him.  But, the screenshots below are some of the things stored on my phone…And if you play close attention to the meditation notes on 1/31, you’ll see, that this was sort of prophetic in that it’s actually happened, but not on February 3rd, instead, the THIRD week of February, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.  I also follow a man’s blog (the same man who’s page I kept getting pulled to and felt compelled to have a psychic reading from) who has been ridiculously accurate with his world predictions, and I have been having so many images about possible stuff happening soon that I felt like I needed to reach out to him.  His response to my email and screenshots was basically, “When I was reading that, my ears were ringing too! We need to talk!”.  We’ll be chatting tomorrow morning about some of the stuff I have been experiencing.  *Below are just some of the notes I’ve taken*

 And all of this leads me to where I am today, with what’s been happening for about a week now since Ash Wednesday….
MEDIUMSHIP – Since last week, I have been able to communicate with people’s loved ones.  It will happen randomly, and at first I had no idea what was happening.  Last weekend was my younger sister’s Baby Shower.  I knew I had to be there at 10am on Saturday morning to help my mom and sisters set up for the party, but all day Friday, from around 2pm, my stomach felt very strange.  It felt riddled with anxiety and uncertainty.  This uneasiness that wouldn’t allow me to eat or drink, and just felt really heavy and ominous.  It felt sad and focused all abdominally.  Needless to say, Friday and most of Saturday morning I didn’t eat a single thing.  I just COULDN’T!  It was a lot!  I had never experienced that before, so I didn’t know what it was.  The shower starts, and my sisters friend and some family stream in.  My sister has had the same best friends since they were about 8 so I’m pretty familiar with my sisters 3 best friends, 2 of which are pregnant at the same time, and only ONE of which I knew about.  Sitting at the table with them, we all started catching up.  That’s when T told me she was pregnant, but she also started talking about some of her concerns, and some of the things that have been going on as far as ultrasounds go as well as the blood work that she is currently waiting for the results for.  She said that the doctors had the results as of the day before but hadn’t given them to her until they schedule an appointment for her to go in this week. But the more she talked, the more that images kept coming into my head, and then suddenly, I saw her in IMG_7057.PNGmy head the same way we were sitting and behind her I saw a shadow (all of this in my mind and not ACTUALLY visible) and the energy resonated in my chest and heart, and I KNEW!  I knew right away that it was a woman, and since I had known that T’s grandmother had passed away, I knew it was her…and I saw everything that would happen with the baby, so I told her!  And I told her what I saw in regards to the way her and her husband had been dealing with it.  And then I saw her husband crying with his head on her pregnant belly and a shadow behind HIM that placed a hand on a shoulder. I felt the energy lower, like in my Solar Plexus, and I KNEW it was a male!  So I asked if a father or grandfather had passed, to which she responded that yes, his father, which I had no idea about!  Ultimately, all of the things I said were validated 100%, even a specific date that kept sticking out, and as soon as I was able to get all of the information out, the pressure and awkwardness in my belly was gone!  Completely dissipated.  Even my wife Callie couldn’t believe the accuracy.  She’s sorta getting used to my random outbursts of “information”…LOL!  So, yeah….that’s happening now too….and like, even seeing and feeling the energy of pregnant woman and their babies.  Like, my sister is having a boy, and my little sister doesn’t know it, but she’ll be pregnant in about 3 months and she’s gonna be so excited that her boy is coming too!  I feel him around her all the time now…he’s getting ready!
SOOOOOO, life right?
Love and Light,
Sammie ❤

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