Blockedchakras.jpgOne of the things that I have heard and read a lot about in the spiritual community, is about the balancing, clearing, and opening of the main 7 chakras in order to be able to communicate with your Higher Self better, or in my case, my Spirit Guides.  Part of this journey I’m on, is understanding how to clear some of the blockages of energy that I’ve been holding onto to get me to a more enlightened state if you will, and considering some of the crap I have been through in my life, BRING IT ON!  Bring on the healing!

The thing about healing in this way, is that through meditation, when I least expect it, when the Universe feels I am ready, things start popping up in my mind, thoughts and images, flashes of things.  Things that happened in my past, things that I have been holding onto, very vivid memories of things that I don’t really remember but deep down inside FEEL very real as if they HAD happened, and I process them.  There really aren’t words to describe HOW this process works, but just the understanding that this process of releasing things that are not longer useful to me, is EXACTLY what I have been wanting/needing/looking for my entire adult life.

There have been so many things that have shown themselves to me during meditation.  There are memories of times spent with my biological father when I was younger, memories that I honestly always thought were made up but always felt were real.  There were vivid, painful memories of sexual abuse that were some of the hardest to have to “see” and live through again, but releasing all of that pain, all of that useless baggage that I was hanging onto and was effecting me without me even realizing it, was so incredibly liberating.  And releasing that stuff??? It was like Independence Day and the barrage of explosions mixed with colorful lights that faded into black, into nothingness, but leave the slightest impression of  something having been there before, leaving a welcome void where it once took up quite a bit of space.

I set my intentions before meditating and hope that it doesn’t all come on to quickly so I can better handle some of this stuff.  Like, I’ve been able to let go of some old relationship stuff, even though it was really hard to let go of.   That stuff was really holding me back from connecting to my wife and I didn’t even realize it until I let it go. Just so many interesting things coming up, and the process of releasing them has been such a beautiful experience allowing me the space to fill myself with some other stuff like beautiful memories with my children and wife, my family and closest friends.  All the while that this is going on, also trying to be a better person.

There are some days where the work just seems too hard, too consuming, too debilitating but I remember that soon, all of that “too difficult” will turn into “totally liberating”, and all of that hard work makes it worth it.  So, blockages to my chakra (the energy wheels that help keep us balanced) have slowly been lifted and I have started to balance and maintain my energy and my frequency elevated and happy and loving and kind.  It has made all of the difference in helping with my connection to the universe.  So much in fact that I have been getting some really important information and messages.  I’ll post a blog about that later, because it’s just SO much stuff to add to this, but if I’m being honest, it’s kind of, ummm, well, world prediction-y.  Some of which have already come true and that has not only left me speechless, but the people that I have told when it first came through during meditation have been lost for words as well.  So with the blockages going away, the love of the universe can get all in…

Love & Light,
~Sammie ❤


4 thoughts on “Blockages…

  1. I know people who have had spontaneous awakenings without much in the way of preperation. These people all have had very chaotic experiences in their awakening. I have always counseled that prior to awakening doing the most healing work you can is the single best thing you can do. You are doing it. When you have released enough, you will very likely have events that seem to have been orchestrated (because they were) and you will slip into the waters of awakening instead if doing a belly flop.Its great to see you doing this work! If only more would do it, but it’s an inside job. Nemaste!

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    1. Interestingly enough, people have been connecting with me that are in this process of awakening, and as far as my experiences are concerned and this whole process of “opening up” happens when you start balancing things. When you start recognizing that letting go of the things that no longer serve you is the best things you can do to elevate your frequency. And I’ve been guided to guide THEM through this process. It’s really been pretty incredible and beautiful. Thank you for your words, friend…namaste 🙂

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