Vision 12/26/16

2 nights ago during meditation I heard and saw the following…

I was looking at China from above, and quickly I descended to the ground and there was a Chinese woman standing in front of me.  I could not see her face, but she waved like royalty.  I waved back and then walked away.  I felt sadness in my chest as if something terrible were going to happen to her and she  was actually waving good-bye.

I got the feeling that she was royalty, but I feel like the connection could be to the British Royal family.  Perhaps the Queen will pass.  I’ve asked Spirit to give me more information, and to clarify what it means, but I have nothing yet.

I heard,”there isn’t much time….”  but there was nothing else.

I feel this need to sit in silence, to increase my meditation practice.  Something about the urgency and the clarity in what I am seeing, hearing, and feeling.  I’m feeling compelled to go to meditation and healing circles in order to connect with people and see if the combined energy and elevated frequency will give me more information.  I wish I had more time, and that my mind were a little quieter so that I can “hear” better.

Love and Light,


3 thoughts on “Vision 12/26/16

  1. Ok…I had opened up a reply earlier on your post election post regarding trying to explain to an 8yo how a bully won, when you said it wasn’t possible. Then, I was like, nah. But followed your link over here. I JUST tweeted yesterday: “When the Queen dies, Trump will be our rep on the international stage. It will be his first state funeral. Ugh” So, I had to reply.
    Thank you for starting this blog. I too have a lot of the visions, but am still working out what that means and coming around to acceptance. Finding your blog is yet another channel the Spirit is opening for me. Thank you!
    I also appreciate you discussing the mood when you went to work after the election. I work(ed) in DC, and I can’t articulate what it was like on metro/walking to the office that morning. I thought maybe it was just DC, but “glad” we aren’t alone.
    A quick “hope to heck not” abt your vision specifically dealing w/China. I hope and pray Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is not the one who will pass. (Burmese but British educated?)
    All love and best to you (and your family)

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    1. Jane, this is a very important and beautiful mass assenssion to ever happen. I keep telling everyone that I can tell, who is willing to listen, now is the time to buckle down, meditate, open your heart and your mind to the idea that maybe we are bigger than we think we are. If my psychic reading hadn’t been so spot on with the PHYSICAL symptoms of my Awakening, I would have never begun to meditate and actually listen to Spirit. It I hadn’t begun to trust my intuition and where it has been leading me, I wouldn’t be experiencing the most incredible journey of Self-Love that I have been on. Believe me, you can go online on Youtube even and find guided meditations to connect you with Spirit as well. It takes practice and dedication, but all of the light in the Universe is WITHIN us, and it’s the easiest place to start looking.

      As far as my visions go, I have been having them more frequently. They are never 100% clear unless of course it’s something that I need to get immediately, and lately, I have been having a hard time clearing my head, and actually communicating with Spirit and having “conversations”, if you will. But as son as I am able to “connect” better, I will ask for more specifics. Because this is still so, so new to me, it’s hard to interpret what Im getting. It’s all about learning and growing…

      But if you feel a connection to Spirit, talk to them, theyre around all the time. They hear you, and they’ll let it be known with subtle messages. You’ll know when you know….all the best! Love and light friend…


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