Vision 12-15-16

DSC_0296Last night as I was meditating, I was getting upset and frustrated because I wasn’t “hearing” anything from Spirit.  It wasn’t until I tuned in to my frustration that I noticed that I was receiving messages in a completely different way than I had anticipated.  I was actually getting visuals, flashes of things that don’t really make sense…at least not until I found this other site of a pretty reputable psychic, and his predictions (about 90% of which have been accurate) and some of the visions that I was having coincided with some of the things he was predicting.

I wanted to be able to start documenting some of these “visions” or some of what I am hearing in order to see if there are any patterns, or to have validation if and when these things happen.  Also, for reference, as I understand from other people who receive Spirit messages, sometimes the way WE interpret messages are not the way that our Guides intend them to be interpreted, so I want to see what certain symbols mean to me.

Last night during meditation I saw the following:

  • A man with a gray bucket hat on.  He ran towards me, looked me right in the face, his eyes popped out of his head like a cartoon, smoke came out of his ears, and he exploded
  • The number 1231 flashed very big and very bright
  • A big dark cloud over the state of California, could be smoke, almost like a volcanic eruption, or a fire, and I got the impression that it was happening very soon.

I feel like there is a sense of urgency in some of the messages that I’m getting.  I have increased my meditation practice, and have since began to feel more, hear more, and now, seeing more. A lot of the people that I have been connected to have also been experiencing a similar feeling of urgency.  I’m praying that I’m wrong about a potential terror attack coming to California, or some type of huge natural disaster, as it seems like 2 different messages, but also, if I’m right, I will know that there is work to be done and messages to be given in order to prevent tragedies like this…  I’ll see if I get anything else, butI’ll be praying for California…

Love and Light,


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