Being A Superhero

Every year, before the new year rolls around, for a couple of years now actually, I scour the innanets for any and everything Predictions 20**. This year, was no different!  As my trolling searching was underway, there was one particular site I was drawn to. Considering that I have been doing this annually for about 5 y ears or so, it was interesting that I hadn’t seen this page before.  It is also about 5 years old.  After a little over a week of combing through his blog posts, I was convinced that his worldwide predictions were in fact true (about 90% of them!  I KNOW!) and I sort of became obsessed like I haven’t in the past.  I also think it was a welcome distraction from the streaming of CNN and MSNBC with all of it’s addictive (and divisive) election coverage, so it made it a little easier to get sucked in.  I kept convincing myself not to get a reading from him (no frivolous spending rule), but my gut kept telling me, “Just do it! What have you got to lose?  He’s pretty accurate right?  You can prove that!  Just do it!”  So I sent him an email.  A day later I get a response that the day and time I wanted was available, and that as soon as I submitted my payment through Pa.yPal we were good to go, and he would give me all of the instructions I needed.

Email?  Check!  Payment?  Check! Instructions?  CHECK!  I was to send him an email, with only my first name , birth time, current time zone, and age.  And at 1pm EXACTLY on November 7th (the day before the election results), I had my reading.  He called, confirmed the information, took 2-3 minutes to connect to Spirit, asked if I was ready, to which I almost replied, “uh, DUH!” before I realized, “that’s proooooobably, not the best response!”, actually said, “Yes, please” (which, why!?!), and then the first thing he said was, “They are telling me that I need to tell you (pause)……’re Clairaudient.”  To which I said (outloud) “Oh, cool…”, but also (in my head) “DAFUQ is dat!?!?”

“So, Clairaudience means ‘clear hearing’.  Basically, you hear messages from your guides.  You have been hearing them for a while, and you’re guides have been trying to communicate with you for a long time.  That incessant ringing in your ears and the constant popping even when you’ve been sitting in the same place all day (cue panic because since Austin was born, it hasn’t stopped!), that’s them.  That’s when you break that plane and the frequency changes…Spirit is trying to get your attention (his fingers snapping quickly) like they’re saying ‘Hey! Listen up! We’re tryna tell you something!” 

And from there it all changed. He told me things about my life that there was no way he could have known, like not getting discouraged about not getting the promotion that I went for recently, that there is something better than that coming for me, and that it is the next step in my movement upwards! I like that shit! It’s classy!  He also told me that I have children, and one is similar to the other as in twins (accurate!) and that one of my boys, (the dark haired one, also accurate!) had flames coming out of his head (which scared the crap outta me) but it turns out it means that he’s special too….my son is a healer! He mentioned that my wife Callie is as close to my soulmate as it gets…and I love that, because I honestly felt it the second I laid eyes on that woman (we married on 111, and our kids were born on 111, as if that’s not one of the most divine numbers!), and it hasn’t faltered since.  So many things, which I could not ignore, so I felt like I had no  choice BUT to believe him.

I started researching, I started praying, I started meditating and learning to tap into my ability/ies (there’s possible claricognizance – ‘clear knowing’), but I have to be honest.  I think tapping in is where this journey started, but it has completely morphed into making ME better.  The best way to elevate yourself to change your frequency, to change your vibration, is to practice LOVE, COMPASSION, and KINDNESS to all living things, but especially ourselves.  And in doing so, you attract those things, because, you know, laws of attraction and stuff.

Guys, the self talk about how terrible, untalented, mean, ugly, scared, cowardly, fat, weak I am was, was so intense that it did not allow me to really connect with this beautiful soul that I have, and not just me, but like, EVERYONE!  I wasn’t connecting with others in the way that I now know is possible (and incredibly beautiful!).  The interesting thing too though, is that all of these physical symptoms of “Awakening” that I started experiencing the very next day as I sat with my best friend, completely flabbergasted by the results, and feeling a heaviness that I have never felt in my life.  A terrible night of sleeplessness and fear, I woke, got ready for work, and headed out the door.  I wish there were words to describe the heaviness that I felt.  The fear, the despair, the anger, and even, the joy of the people around me.  It was the strangest sensation, smack in the middle of my chest.  Almost like anxiety feels but heavier, and disassociated somehow, if that makes sense, like it wasn’t mine. All day, and then the next 3 days, until I spoke to a friend who told me about prayers to Archangels, and crystals and stones to help keep negative energy away, or at least lessen it, and who taught me to envelop myself in a bubble of light for protection, and I pray for her and her family to be blessed every day, because how she showed me to protect myself is something I cannot repay…the information she gave me is invaluable! I’m truly so, so grateful to her, and to all of the people who have re-entered my life in this time of enlightenment.  Since that day, since 11/7, I have been receiving messages.  Since then, I have meditated and connected with my Spirit Guides, and I have connected with people from my past who are also on a very spiritual journey that (bless the Universe) make me feel a little less….crazy…

If I’m being honest here, we all have the ability to silence our minds (with a bit practice), connect with our inner self, our loved ones, our Spirit Guides (who are with us, legit, ALL. THE. TIME!) and find so much peace and love and kindness.  Have your ears been ringing/popping/pulling/feeling plugged constantly?  Can you not get rid of the heaviness in your chest?  Have your dreams been more and more vivid, pulling people from random times in your life that you somehow still feel really connected to?  The incessant headaches?  The ridiculously emotional responses to everything (everything makes you cry, or laugh, and things just feel more intense suddenly)?  You too friend, might be awakening.  Maybe with a little meditation, and a little self-love and kindness, you might awaken too….after all, as a dear friend of mine says, We all have the potential to be Superheroes….calling-all-superheroes

Love and Light Always,
Sammie ❤


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